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Please read this in its entirety as most answers about what is or isn't covered under  warranty will be outlined here.  Unless otherwise written and/or stated, all  warranties offered by 1st Class Auto LLC dba 1st Class Auto shall be as follows -


  • Used Recycled Parts (Junk/Salvage Yard) - Vendor Specific *usually 30 - 90 days*.  
    If we supply these parts with your approval, this is specified on your invoice.

  • New OEM and/or aftermarket parts is limited to our vendors specific time frame. 
    Please inquire with us if an issue arises, and we will research your repair for answers and solutions. 



Further exclusions.  We do not offer refunds of ANY kind.  All officers/members/owner(s) will be withheld/indemnified from any sort of liability in regards to any type of warranty work or claims. This warranty becomes null and void if warranty issues arise and our facility does not inspect your vehicle first.  Ie, your part/repair potentially fails, you decide to let another facility inspect the vehicle to find the cause of potential failure.   This warranty is only for parts.  You the customer are still responsible for labor to remove and install the defective part.  We strive to ensure you to have the best experience when using us, thank you for your business and support!

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